#237 – Romans 8:28: REALITY in the Face of Realities, 2

That scripture (above) provides a place to stand in troubled times. When life around us is mud and mire, Jesus becomes our Rock*.

Infanticide, including the “passing through the fire” of Israel’s neighbors, was forbidden to them**. Some of the methods used in America in our nearly 1-million abortions per year, and about 60 million to date***, are at least as cruel as Baal worship. (www.10minas.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/baal.jpg)

The intensity of reaction to the possibility of overturning Roe V Wade, and the tactics that will be used to express it, indicate the measure of our overall rebellion against God. By America’s widespread rejection of our founding Biblical and moral precepts we have forfeited our right to expect His continued blessing upon our land.

Every issue on the agenda of the Left and the Radical Left including pro-abortion, gender identity, racism, gay rights, gun rights, immigration, economic and healthcare policies, environmental policies, voter ID and more, is merging into one force to respond to the anticipated SCOTUS ruling, and they reveal their spirit source by doing so. Even some well-intentioned Christians are drawn into partnering with demonic interests.

Their agenda is driven by blinding emotional outrage; its irrationality offers no boundaries in destructive actions it will take to achieve its ends; it reaches from the top to the bottom of our socio-economic strata; it is politically empowered and bridges from the far left to the right of center of the religious and political, liberal/conservative spectrums; and it has boundless financial resources. Phew!

Only God knows when He will allow a match to ignite those toxic fumes, but when He does, America will change for all and it will hurt. Maybe very soon.

Fortunately, He knows exactly what is coming and is prepared to meet us in our time of need. He WILL work for our good (Rom. 8:28), but the catch is that we must embrace His definition of “good,” as Levi Lusko says so well. (Last time.) Please listen to that message.

*Psalm 40:2. ** Deut. 18:10

***I assure you that if you have had an abortion, God is ready to forgive you, heal your soul, and give you His family Name. I John 1:9 is for you.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
May 24, 2022          

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