#236B – Romans 8:28: REALITY in the Face of Realities, 1B

Well, from the response on Facebook I suspect I hit a raw nerve with my post yesterday. That image of babies being sacrificed to Baal was just too much. After all, we Americans would never do anything so cruel, and if “they” did, we Christians would be one voice and one powerful force against it. Right?

So – – I’ll take another shot at this powerful scripture and sermon.

I don’t know how you’re thinking about world events, but I highly suspect that you are more unsettled than your Sunday School class is ready to talk about. And maybe even more than you will admit to yourself.

I don’t need to recount the spheres of life that tempt us to fear. Increases in food prices are for real and even rational people are predicting shortages. And gas prices! Who woulda ever thought we’d see this? Like – how’s a guy expected to have a good time pulling his big fifth-wheel camper with his gas-guzzler pickup? We deserve better.

And don’t get me started on politics. Did you hear about ______? And there’s North Korea. And the prediction of more Covid variants. What does the future hold for our kids and grandkids? And – – -. And – – -.

These menacing realities, blended with the international instability from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the many dynamics it has spawned in the political, social and economic spheres, are frightening. And serious.

If it feels to you like things are out of control, PLEASE listen to Levi Lusko’s “NOT MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME.” You will hear layer upon layer of insight, perspective, teaching, correction and encouragement, in his unique and sometimes entertaining style. www.freshlife.church/messages/thank-you-next/147

I promise – you have never heard a more energizing message on Romans 8:28. You need these truths in your life now, and will increasingly in the days to come.

You can also download it as a video or just audio. I venture that many of you will play it multiple times, as I have.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
May 20, 2022          

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