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How are we doing with the treasure entrusted to all who are born-again,
so that we might glorify God through holy living and fruitful service?

See Jesus' Parable of the Minas, Luke 19:12-27

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Jesus spoke gently and kindly to children and to people in need, but He had high expectations and strong words for those who claim to be His disciples. You will be challenged to think critically about how seriously we are taking Him, and will be invited to engage with Him in the most exciting and rewarding adventure that you could imagine.

That something big is going on in our world is obvious to many. 10Minas is based on an assumption that, just as God orchestrated things in Rome and Israel, and had special people in certain places for specific reasons for the first coming of Jesus, so He is aligning things today for another great event.

Luke 19:12-27

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#13 – We’ve GOT to Talk

We are in deep waters these days. Unprecedented threats are coming at us personally and as the Church, and the differences among us will lead to disaster if we don’t act humbly, wisely and quickly. Somehow, we must get our heads together to face these challenges. Read on. I came upon those pretty airplanes in…
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#12 – Reaching the Nations

GUP479 #2*The technological revolution from 3×5 file cards to modern high-powered computers and their amazing software for Bible translation, is only part of how God is methodically working in our day for the sake of the nations. In blog #10 I described how He is calling the established Church in the far corners of the…
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#11 – Unmasking

*CLAC#2Have you felt the discomfort and the avoidance of eye contact when maskers and non-maskers meet? Sure you have! Don’t you feel kinship with those like you and un-social-distancing from “them?” Well, we haven’t seen anything yet. Wait ‘til “the vaccine” and the chip are the projected solutions to the pandemic, and those who accept…
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#10 – A New Day

GUP479 #1* Can this incredible celebration happen today if there are still 2-3,000 people groups who don’t have the scripture in their mother tongue? These hundreds of millions of men, woman and children can’t hear the Good News in a language that touches their hearts. But something is happening that is bigger than man, and…
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#9 – A Chosen Race — so that – –

But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; CLAC #6 – A series on Christians Living Amidst Chaos It’s easy for God’s people to forget…
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#8 – A Light in the Darkness

Few would disagree that darkening clouds are gathering on the horizon. Consider the world conditions that capture our minds and emotions today. Terms like “humanitarian catastrophe” and “apocalyptic” are increasingly familiar. Even many who profess to be Christians are edgy with fear.  We tend to focus on this darkness because it threatens our perceived well-being.…
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#7 – Watch the Ducks!

So, imagine that I was standing there facing west when these ducks flew by from right to left. Does one need to be a prophet or a conspiracy theory junkie to observe that they are going south? Does it need to be a political statement to observe that the momentum of just the past few…
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Grandmom Stoltzfus

#6 – Voices from the Past – Grandmom

I’ve read several current books recently, some of which God used to comfort and instruct me regarding the loss of a second son in January ’19. But I’ve also been reading those by saints of old including Oswald Chambers, Watchman Nee and others. Their focus on humility; taking up our cross daily to follow Jesus;…
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#5 – “5-4-3-2-1 Here I Come Ready or Not!”

When I was a young man, Father assigned me a rather menial and boring task outside of our hangar/shop. Part of the job required my full attention and another part only needed my effort every hour or so. I was working busily when Father came and said he needed to go somewhere in his Beechcraft…
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#4 – Opportunity Knocks

A Christian sister in another state recently wrote: “Our prayer request is for wisdom and God’s leading, as we have a quickly increasing opportunity to speak God’s love and truth into the lives of the many people around us. We haven’t ever had this many opportunities and open doors for conversations before but this is…
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