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How are we doing with the treasure entrusted to all who are born-again,
so that we might glorify God through holy living and fruitful service?

See Jesus' Parable of the Minas, Luke 19:12-27

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Jesus spoke gently and kindly to children and to people in need, but He had high expectations and strong words for those who claim to be His disciples. You will be challenged to think critically about how seriously we are taking Him, and will be invited to engage with Him in the most exciting and rewarding adventure that you could imagine.

That something big is going on in our world is obvious to many. 10Minas is based on an assumption that, just as God orchestrated things in Rome and Israel, and had special people in certain places for specific reasons for the first coming of Jesus, so He is aligning things today for another great event.

Luke 19:12-27

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#196 – These Last Days, Part 1

Many Christians live in spiritual chaos in these Last Days. Disturbed by national and world events and finding little anchor for their souls in their faith, they desperately long for the Rapture’s deliverance from this mess. There is, however, a view of today’s world that gives hope. It is when we see life through the…
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#195 – Update on Elaine’s Treatments

Well, it was another great Rituxan infusion today. No negative reactions whatsoever. Our oncologist wants her to do four more infusions since we resist the chemo approach, so we’ll continue for the next four Thursdays. I’ll update if there’s anything significant to report, otherwise maybe not for a couple of weeks. God is answering your/our…
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The Donkeys Among Us, Part 3 – YOU Be the Judge

AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAHTruth is prophetic, and one can be offensively prophetic by simply speaking truth. Am I prophetic if I tell you that you’ll get hurt if you jump off that roof? Or if I repeat to worldly Christians what Jesus said about the Last Days, like, “But as the days of…
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#193 – The Donkeys Among Us, Part 2 of 3

HOW IT WORKSThe prophetic word or insight can come in different ways. First is by God’s spirit speaking  directly through words, thoughts and insights; by dreams or visions; or by Him applying a scripture to “now,” for example. However, one can also have a prophetic sense of things through gifting that instructs them about where…
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#192 – The Donkeys Among Us, Part 1

THE ODD ONEHey, what’s that jackass doing out there with the sheep? He looks out of place – – more like an intruder than part of the flock. Well, farmers sometimes put a donkey with their sheep because it sees and responds to predators and takes action to protect the sheep. It has “eyes to…
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#191 – Update on Elaine, and our 62nd Anniversary

We were blessed with another uneventful .Rituxan infusion. And the doctor was super pleased with the results of the blood work they did before the treatment. The blood count was 11.7 which she described as remarkable at this stage, and she said that the other numbers are right where they need to be. And then…
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#190 – Fantastic Faith

BLESSED NEW YEAR TO YOU! I am confident that God intends 2022 to be our best year ever. That isn’t pious rhetoric, it’s the simple fact that God, who turned Jesus’ death at Satan’s hand into Satan’s ultimate defeat,* is ready to meet us in our troubles and turn them into blessing. https://biblia.com/bible/esv/1-corinthians/2/6-10 Paul wrote,…
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#189 – Religious Fantasyland, Part 2

Continued:We have compromised ourselves by our love for the world, which includes love for “self,” which means self-rule instead of surrendering to the rule of Jesus. We disregard His explicit requirement that we take up our cross daily to follow Him. We insult Jesus and do a great disservice to the Kingdom of God by…
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#188 – Religious Fantasyland, Part 1

Maybe I should apologize in advance for writing such a thing as this. Or maybe not, because I believe this is what God would say to American Christians about who we are, compared to the glorious Church that Jesus gave Himself for. KNOW YOUR ENEMYWe need to know our enemy if we hope to succeed…
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#187 – Spiritual Gastric Lymphoma, Part 2

WORTH FIGHTING FORThe Gospel is glorious. The Church that Jesus established is glorious, but that glory is largely missing today and strongholds (previous post) have much to do with it. So, where are the saints who will pray for the Church? Not just your church but the one down the street that believes a bit…
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