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How are we doing with the treasure entrusted to all who are born-again,
so that we might glorify God through holy living and fruitful service?

See Jesus' Parable of the Minas, Luke 19:12-27

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Jesus spoke gently and kindly to children and to people in need, but He had high expectations and strong words for those who claim to be His disciples. You will be challenged to think critically about how seriously we are taking Him, and will be invited to engage with Him in the most exciting and rewarding adventure that you could imagine.

That something big is going on in our world is obvious to many. 10Minas is based on an assumption that, just as God orchestrated things in Rome and Israel, and had special people in certain places for specific reasons for the first coming of Jesus, so He is aligning things today for another great event.

Luke 19:12-27

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“I Am With You Always,” and “Heart Attack”

So many of my friends are suffering from illness, and from losses of various kinds. Life is hard. Even though all troubles are “of” Satan, who should thus be the target of our anger, He often succeeds in using them to turn us against God. But that can backfire on him. Jesus has promised to…
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#266 – “So Ken, How Are You Doing?”

That is the frequent, well-meant but awkward question these days. One answer is, “I’m not sure, I’ve never done this before.” Except that I do know. I do know that man was not meant to be alone and I feel that intensely. But I also know that God’s plans are good; that He is fully…
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#265 – A New Center in Life – Part 2

Cont’d: When we quit trying to be our own god and instead worship God and “find ourselves” in Him, and the hunger and thirst in our souls are satisfied by the Living Bread and the Living Water, we glorify Him by proving Him to be good – and thus begin to fulfill our purpose in…
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#264 – A NEW CENTER IN LIFE – Part 1

This IS the Day that the Lord hath made, and He has made it for His purposes. HIS purposes, which are as far from the purposes of the present ruler of this world as the sun is from the earth. PURPOSESThe purposes of the Father for today are a mystery to man because they are…
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#263 – “Today”

There are many who claim the Name of the Lord as their god. Many who religiously follow the doctrines of man with rigorous devotion – yet whose souls are empty. Starved for meaning. Hollow. Yet seeking. They know there is more. Their God-like spirit tells them so yet no solution to their hunger is set…
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#262 – Truth and Lies

There is something disquieting about Truth. That is, about what God preordained as “the way things are” in every aspect of life in every time, place, culture, and circumstance. And despite our sophisticated and deeply held but contrary opinions that we so readily form our lives around. A RUDE INTERRUPTIONSo there you were, just peacefully…
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#261 – It’s Not on the Mountaintop

WARNING: Oswald Chambers’ writing (www.utmost.org) is potentially harmful to your fleshly instincts, and possible side effects include separating you from “the world” as Jesus increasingly becomes the axis upon which your life turns. For Oct. 2 he writes (partial): THE SPHERE OF HUMILIATIONOswald Chambers, MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST After every time of exaltation, we…
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#260 – Today is Yesterday’s “Soon”

This is the Day that the Lord hath madeLet us rejoice and be glad in itFor truly He is Lord of LordsAnd King of Kings He is the One before whom every knee will bowAnd every tongue will confessThat He is Lord of all All things on the earthAnd above the earthAnd beneath the earth…
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#259 – The Morning-After Will – Part 3

Our small group leader dropped by the afternoon of “The Morning-After” and handed me a copy of Ellie Holcomb’s devotional book, FIGHTING WORDS. The subtitle is “100 Days of Speaking Truth into the Darkness,” and something about that struck a chord in me. Our small group will be studying it together. “Darkness” wants to envelope…
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#258 – The Morning-After Will – Part 2

I wrote little after Elaine became gravely ill, and I wondered if I ever would. And, if my soul being softened as it was through that journey would change the message. And I thought that being a grieving 82-year-old widower might dampen my fire. The fire that had led to pain because the heat of…
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