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How are we doing with the treasure entrusted to all who are born-again,
so that we might glorify God through holy living and fruitful service?

See Jesus' Parable of the Minas, Luke 19:12-27

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Jesus spoke gently and kindly to children and to people in need, but He had high expectations and strong words for those who claim to be His disciples. You will be challenged to think critically about how seriously we are taking Him, and will be invited to engage with Him in the most exciting and rewarding adventure that you could imagine.

That something big is going on in our world is obvious to many. 10Minas is based on an assumption that, just as God orchestrated things in Rome and Israel, and had special people in certain places for specific reasons for the first coming of Jesus, so He is aligning things today for another great event.

Luke 19:12-27

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#36 – Getting Ready

GETTING READY In case you wondered, God has quieted me for a while. I am to seek Him and invite Him to go deeper into my own soul before I continue posting on social media for others. It was like He bolted the door. It has been a humbling time of heart-searching, reading, learning about…
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#35 – House Churches – 3

HOUSE CHURCHES – 3 I feel compelled to advance the house church concept for three reasons. First, because of observations I shared in the Jan. 24 post “The Time is NOW,” and secondly because it was the model of the early Church. The Church was not an institution as we know it for the first…
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#34 – A Lesson from Africa

A LESSON FROM AFRICA In 1997 I was the manager of a missionary aviation program in Africa, with aircraft also based in a neighboring country where a rebellion was taking place. (Welcome to Africa!) Our missionaries and aircraft were at risk. The rebels were advancing toward our mission base and airstrip, so our people decided…
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#33 – House Church – 2

HOUSE CHURCH – 2 It seems imperative to me that the Church, the Body of Christ worldwide, become better informed about house churches and similar forms of gathering. * Please read/download chapter 11, “When You Come Together,” in Felicity Dale’s book “Getting Started.” You will be blessed by this easy-read intro to how house church can…
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#32 – Caught Off Guard

CAUGHT OFF GUARD I have thought of Elaine and myself as being mid-range people in life, i.e. clothing, vehicles, restaurants, vacations and so forth. It’s been a purposeful principle of life. However, this notion was just put to the test. We were considering replacing our 2014 Toyota RAV4 with one with a power liftgate because…
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#31 – The Vine and the Branches

THE VINE AND THE BRANCHES Don’t be lulled into tranquility by an appearance of relative quietness in our land. This is the quiet before the storm. We’re in the eye of the hurricane. We need vigilance like never before. If you need a little wake-up call, listen to Jonathan Cahn’s 13-minute prophetic word on YouTube.…
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#30 – The Warrior BRIDE

The Warrior BRIDE – BSee Part A, Yesterday So, we are not just warriors for what is right, but for our passion and love for our coming King. It’s the purity that is because of intimacy in our relationship with Christ. It’s a covenantal relationship that holds even if we lose our lives. Sika Ulutoa:…
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#29 – The WARRIOR Bride – A

THE WARRIOR BRIDEPart A – THE WARRIOR Sika Ulutoa* commented on my Jan. 19 Facebook post, THE INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH, with this. “Amen. We will rise to our Place as the BoC (Body of Christ) in this world as we approach our coming King. The BoC could also be called The Bride of Christ. The Warrior…
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#28 – The Time is NOW

FREE BOOK ON HOUSE CHURCHESYou NEED This! NOW is the time to begin to learn about HOUSE CHURCHES or similar alternatives to traditional church services, many of which will not sustain us in the Day to come. Attitudes toward faith that is based on the exclusiveness of Jesus Christ as the way to heaven, and…
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#27 – The Harvest Workers – B

THE HARVEST WORKERS – B(See part A, yesterday) Transformed passions and a new focus in life will mark the Church that is now being formed in the hearts of many. As God prepares us to bring in the harvest, we will come to care more about His Kingdom and His purposes then about things of…
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