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How are we doing with the treasure entrusted to all who are born-again,
so that we might glorify God through holy living and fruitful service?

See Jesus' Parable of the Minas, Luke 19:12-27

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Jesus spoke gently and kindly to children and to people in need, but He had high expectations and strong words for those who claim to be His disciples. You will be challenged to think critically about how seriously we are taking Him, and will be invited to engage with Him in the most exciting and rewarding adventure that you could imagine.

That something big is going on in our world is obvious to many. 10Minas is based on an assumption that, just as God orchestrated things in Rome and Israel, and had special people in certain places for specific reasons for the first coming of Jesus, so He is aligning things today for another great event.

Luke 19:12-27

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Aug. 7 Update on Elaine

Elaine continues to lose ground and is now bedfast. It has been weeks since she could walk, even with help. We were in the Hospice In-Patient Unit for 10-days to get her pain under control, which they did. We came home the 29th and have a hospital bed and other amenities in our living room,…
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#251 – July 16 Update on Elaine

Here’s an update on Elaine, although I struggle with the trying to avoid either overstating or understating her condition. We are now under Hospice, not as an “end of life, keep her comfortable” thing as much as palliative care to address her recurrent and serious pain attacks, and her observable decline in strength and balance.…
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#250 – Feeding the Hungry

I will not post much for a while in order to focus on another sphere in my life, but I want to leave this with you. Maybe my using “well-fed” recently was misleading. I was speaking of good church folks who are satisfied with the diet offered by the organized church as many know it.…
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#249 – Update on Elaine

This is exciting! We saw the oncologist yesterday for the results of the recent PET scan. The bleeding ulcer is healed. HEALED! The tumor is gone. GONE! And the results of yesterday’s bloodwork are excellent with a hemoglobin of over 12. NORMAL! We praise God for that. ALL of that. It is a combination of…
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#248 – Feeding the Well-Fed

Truth and Wisdom are of God. Truth announces what “is” according to God’s design and Wisdom instructs us in applying it in life. They are ever present, and impact us whether they are accepted or not, but following them is the only path to living well in both the natural and spiritual realms. Truth and…
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#247 – The Potter and the Clay

Some join me in believing that God raised America up for His own special purposes, as He did Israel. And that He similarly prospered America and made us stand out among the nations to enable the Church to fulfill those purposes. Why, then, would Jeremiah’s warnings not similarly apply to America and to the Church?…
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#246 – The Presence?

The Presence of the Word of God in us infuses us with passion for the plan of the Father and with the power to help Him fulfill the purpose for which the Word came. His name is Jesus. Prince of Peace. Savior. Mighty God. Soon Coming King The eyes of all nations will turn to…
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#245 – The Issue

Gas prices, gun-control, a SCOTUS announcement on abortion, or Ukraine – none are the issue of the day for those who claim to follow Christ. There is but one issue. Lawlessness is ugly. It is as hideous as the snake whose venom is displayed in the oft-distressing pseudo-issues above, slithers toward you with its menacing…
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#244 – The Time Is Fulfilled

Jesus said, “The Time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand, repent, and believe in the Gospel.” * By that He meant that He had, after 4000 years of God’s preparation, come to establish His rule in Satan’s realm on the earth. His obedience to the Father would make it possible, and…
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#243 – II Cor. 13:5 Self-Examination, Part 3 of 3

Jesus was drawn to and loved broken people but He despised hypocrisy. He never holds us to a standard of human perfection but He does require us to actively pursue righteousness. * DO WE embrace Paul’s “I press on” disposition ** as a condition for Christ-followers? https://biblia.com/bible/esv/philippians/3/12-16 DO WE dare to invite God to search…
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