#278 – Questions


Who am I?

What defines me as a person among others,
   to me?
   And to them?

Is it things of the earth
   or those of God and His Kingdom?

How do others “measure” me as compared to themselves
   and to our culture, society
      and church?

How do I want them to measure me?

How do I measure myself?

What do I want
    more than anything else?

What would make me feel secure among others?

What do I imagine would make me totally fulfilled
   and fully satisfied in this life
   if only I could get hold of it?

What do I imagine would meet
   the deepest need of my inner being
      a need formed within me
      by the hand of God
      but which can only be me
      in union with Him
      through His Son Jesus the Christ
      Who came not only as my Savior
      but as the One whose Lordship
      is the only possible source
      for all that I long for?

Why is it so easy for me to believe lies
instead of truth?

Ken Stoltzfus
Feb. 21, 2023
Posted Feb. 28, 2023               

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