#72 – Free Will, 5 of 5

THAT expresses the heart of God for man. Do we believe it for ourselves or do we have a scarcity mentality?

And do we believe it for the lost – – our neighbor or the witch doctor in the deepest darkness in the remotest parts of the world where the Gospel has never reached?

First of all, it speaks of the prosperity of body, soul and spirit that come from our being aligned with Father God and led by His Holy Spirit into the richness that He has prepared for us through His Son Jesus.

It means things eternal more than the passing things of this life. The pleasures of Rom. 14:17 righteousness, peace, and joy in any circumstance, more than those of 401K’s, CD’s, expensive toys, sculpted bodies, expensive meals, and vacation homes.

It’s speaking of whatever “treasures” Jesus meant in Mt. 6:19-24, which He forbade us to accumulate here but said we should send ahead to be enjoyed for a million billion years. The “treasure” that guides our life and becomes our master, as He said. Things that we seek in life to give us our core identity and make us feel whole as humans.

The “things” of I Cor. 2:9 that our souls crave are all, and only, for those who love and obey God. They define the life in the Kingdom of God, which is entered through the narrow gate of Mt. 7:13-14. They confirm that He is the superior god, and their presence in us draws others to Him.

Our humble surrender to His rule produces wins for Him, for us and for others – – and a loss for Satan. That’s the Plan, but it’s our choice – – and we are free to choose because God made us that way for His glory and for our joy now and forever!

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, OH USA
May 4, 2021
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