#50 – Something Better, 9

Picking up from last time – – do we live as though we understand the glory of God’s gift of eternal life? And its superiority over what Satan offers us to satisfy our persistent inner craving for a spirit-connection?

Jesus put things into perspective with, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came so that they would have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10 nasb) How’s THAT for contrast?

The Greek word translated into “abundant” means “more, greater, superior, excessive, exceedingly.” Further, “over and above, more than is necessary, superadded.” Study it yourself at https://biblehub.com/greek/4053.htm The right column shows how it is translated in 23 other verses.

THAT is the kind of life that God offers because of what Jesus did for us – and does for us today.  

We receive abundant life when we chose Jesus as Savior and Lord. As He said in John 5:24, “- – whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me HAS eternal life – – HAS crossed over from death to life.”

Many miss the vital truth that abundant life is for the nasty now-and-now, not just the sweet-by-and-by. There’s a reason why you don’t hear it taught but that’s for later.

The adjective “eternal” in front of “life” in John 3:16 and elsewhere, means living in this abundance forever. It started when Jesus came into your life, and death on earth is only a transition into a new and more wonderful phase. Hallelujah!!

DO WE – -, OR ARE WE – -?
Do we live according to God’s magnificent glory and His abundant life through Jesus, or are we happy with fast-food religion when we could delight in more tender, tasty and expensive spiritual steak than we can imagine? See I Cor. 2:9 (Say that however you wish for a vegan or other diet, but please don’t miss the point.)

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, OH USA
March 24, 2021
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