#36 – Getting Ready


In case you wondered, God has quieted me for a while. I am to seek Him and invite Him to go deeper into my own soul before I continue posting on social media for others. It was like He bolted the door.

It has been a humbling time of heart-searching, reading, learning about prayer, praying, and learning more about the New Testament Church. I have much to learn in many areas.

Dark days are ahead, and deception is a big part of it. Deception has come upon the church so deeply that many can’t see how unlike the Mt. 16:18 Church we actually are. And how unprepared for suffering for the sake of His Name. And for each other.

If you agree that those in power in Washington hate Donald J. Trump, and that the conflict there is spirit in nature, then consider if you agree that they hate Jesus and His righteousness even more. And ponder what that will soon mean for His Body, the Church.

God has called me to pray for you, and for family and other friends, that even now we would turn from the unbelief and lifeless religion that so many are stuck in, and which will fail us in the Day to come. The discipline of “praying in the Spirit” is becoming vital to me.

And to intercede for our leaders who are paralyzed by servitude to the institutional model of church. They seem to prefer to embrace “peace, peace,” which helps preserve the status quo, rather than warning of the wolf at the door and preparing us for the conflict ahead.

In these Last Days, with growing antagonism toward Christians and the Church, wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in advancing the Gospel to the unreached abroad, as we reshape the local church for the coming Day, than to invest in building expansion?

Yes, it is time to “get ready” and I pray that you are hearing that as well. There will be many tears and we’ll need more than a years’ worth of Kleenex. We’ll need more of Jesus and more of each other. Heb. 10:36-39.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, OH
Feb. 26, 2021
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