#271 – What People Don’t Know

This was sent by a sister-in-the-Lord who hears God in the moments of the day. A devote Jesus follower and a grandmother, we share the sense that troubles are coming to America in spite of what many declare. This collaborates with my Jan. 11 post, “And Then You Will Know. . .”.  She writes:

Hi brother! I had this indescribable thing happen yesterday on the way to my annual personal retreat in another state. You can’t make this kind of thing up and the Lord used it to visibly show me something.

I was rolling along at 60 mph on a four-lane limited-access highway in the country when I came upon traffic going 40-45 mph.

I could see some blinking lights far ahead  and thought it was an emergency situation. I kept waiting for law enforcement to direct us around something. Mile after mile we continued. People would get in the left lane, then the right, then back to the left…literally for 15-20 minutes as we continued down the highway. Finally, I got in the left lane and stayed there, and found that the traffic there was going just a bit faster than the right lane. Still, we drove on…the line of traffic stretched back as far as I could see and as far ahead as I see…just never ending.

By staying in the left lane I eventually got up past two guys on motorcycles with blinking lights in the right lane and a HEARSE behind them. IT WAS A FUNERAL PROCESSION ON A MAJOR HIGHWAY. Closer to the front of the line the cars had their emergency lights on.

Anyway, it keeps coming to mind…all those cars in the right lane…stretched out for miles…unknowingly following a funeral procession. But they didn’t know they were in a funeral procession. They were oblivious to what was happening ahead of them…just going down the highway…not knowing that death was ahead of them…isn’t that how we are headed today in America?

Well, that certainly was a fascinating way to start a personal retreat…in a funeral procession! God has a huge sense of humor! Blessings, Your Sister in Christ.

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Many American Christians, blinded by our bondage to the American Dream, are in trouble and Mt. 13:15 is more applicable than we want to think! My next post will (probably) touch on the quiet response to THE PROSTITUTE BRIDE.

Keep seeking Jesus – in the passing lane!


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