#270 – The Prostitute Bride (Weekend reading)

An allegory, long, but best read in one sitting
Ken Stoltzfus, Winter 1978-79*

I – A Beautiful Young Lady
A beautiful young lady
  who seemed to be perfect in every way
  was captured by a vicious and wicked man
  who took her away into captivity.

A strong young man knew of her beauty and worth
  and determined to rescue her

After much careful planning
  and at considerable risk
  he rescued the young lady
  and brought her to freedom

Her heart was filled with gratitude and love
  and she accepted his proposal for marriage

He said,
“I want to prepare a perfect place for us to spend the rest of our lives together

“I will go away for a while
  and get our place ready
  then I will come back again
  and we will be united for life

“Until I come
  you may stay with my family
  where you will have everything you need

“You will have food
  and clothing
  and shelter

“You will be protected from the cold and storm
  and from evil men who would be attracted to your beauty
  and misuse you

“I ask only that you keep yourself pure for me
  and set your heart on the things that would make us both happy”

The young lady promised to keep herself for him
  until he came back

She eagerly awaited his return
  as the days turned into weeks
  and the weeks into months
  she began to lose her first-love
She would leave the safety of his family’s home
  and wander the streets of the city
  making friends with the people there

She became aware of the desires of her body
  and began to give herself to men
  who were interested only in a fleeting moments pleasure

At first she was conscience-stricken
  and felt remorse for what she was doing
  but she looked around her
  and saw that “everyone else” was doing it too

And so
  as time went on
  and the groom tarried his coming
  she became more and more at ease in her waywardness

She even began to take money from men
  who were eager to indulge themselves in her beauty

She told herself, “I need this
  to buy the necessities of life”

But she could never quite forget the young man’s words
  “If you stay with my family
  you will have everything you need”

One day the young man returned
  with anticipation in his heart 
. . . . . . . . Continued
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*Minor grammatical revisions Oct. 5, 1987
Ken Stoltzfus
Jan. 13, 2023

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