#260 – Today is Yesterday’s “Soon”

This is the Day that the Lord hath made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it
For truly He is Lord of Lords
And King of Kings

He is the One before whom every knee will bow
And every tongue will confess
That He is Lord of all

All things on the earth
And above the earth
And beneath the earth

All things that chose Him
And those that didn’t
All who find joy in Him
And those to whom He will become a source of sorrow

Sorrow that is deep
And eternal
Sorrow that is without end
And without hope

All things
That is, there are no exceptions
No exemptions

There is no hiding place
There is no shelter
For it is the Day
The Day of the Lord
The Day of His righteous judgment
And it will wait no more
The Day of judgment
As was prophesied of old

Mocking will cease
Because reality has silenced its voice
Doubters will be believers
Tho not unto life
Because death has come
And the choices they made in the shadows
Now manifest their consequences in the Light
And they are without hope

And so NOW is the Day
NOW is the time
The “soon” of the past
Is the NOW of today

Judgment is waiting at the door
And only the hand of the Father
Holds it back
From its devastation

A devastation whose wind
Will make that of a hurricane
Seem to have been only a gentle breeze
Because it is the wind
Of the voice of the Father
The One with Whom we have to do

The Father who offered safety
To all who would receive it
But Who is now hidden from sight
Behind the approaching storm clouds
To all but those who chose Him
In the Day before the storm appeared.

See: Matthew 16:2–4

Image from: www.trumpetblastwarning.co.uk Ken Stoltzfus

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