#195 – Update on Elaine’s Treatments

Well, it was another great Rituxan infusion today. No negative reactions whatsoever.

Our oncologist wants her to do four more infusions since we resist the chemo approach, so we’ll continue for the next four Thursdays. I’ll update if there’s anything significant to report, otherwise maybe not for a couple of weeks.

God is answering your/our prayers. Overall, Elaine has been sleeping better. And – – Praise God!! – – she is now walking about the house without her walker most of the time and that’s a big step forward. She is eating more and is gaining some strength, which I can tell because she needs less and less of my help in certain scenarios.

She is scheduled for a follow-up endoscopy on March 3, to see how the bleeding ulcer has healed. Her blood count continues to be good, which is a good sign.

We treasure your continued prayers on her/our behalf. Thank you so very much!


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