#179 – Update on Elaine

We now know that it is gastric lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes) that caused Elaine’s recent bleeding ulcer.

There are still many unknowns including just how advanced or treatable her particular lymphoma is and if it has spread from her stomach to other lymph nodes. We are scheduled for a Pet scan next Tuesday to help determine that, and will meet with the oncologist next Thursday for a report and a plan for moving forward.

We are grateful for a cancellation in his schedule that allowed us to get in today, and that we could get on next Tuesday’s scan schedule. And we are so thankful that Elaine has not had pain through this process, even with the bleeding ulcer.

She is still extremely weak and not able to do much, but is able to move about with a walker.

We thank God for the many friends whom we know are praying for us, and are MOST thankful for the absolute confidence that God knows all about this and has a good plan for us. We pray for Elaine’s healing now, in life here, but our highest desire is that we might walk through this together in a way that glorifies God and draws others to Him.

Folks have brought in or promised plenty of food for at least a week. We welcome brief visits from friends but please text/call me in advance. Personal friends may also email if you have her address.

I will plan to do an update some time after our meeting with the oncologist on Thursday the 16th, but I do not plan to continue my regular Church-related posts for the present time.

Thank you!

Ken Stoltzfus
Dec. 8, 2021

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