#16 – The Value of a Dollar

What can a dollar do? Or $10, or $50 or $100? And then there’s 1,000 of them, and then 10,000, and on to 100,000 – – and it just keeps going.

Is it talking to you?

Money talks. It has power! It promises to fill our stomach, or meet other immediate but short-lived needs. It can promise to make friends for us, or to make life good by helping us get “stuff.” Feel the “pull” in that photo. Yes, money has power and sometimes it lies.

Refugee camp in Syria. Most families have a satellite dish and many watch SAT-7

But there’s a “light” side too. It only takes $1 to broadcast the Gospel into closed countries in the Middle East, and provide counseling for a whole year, for one person. And then there’s $10 and $$$ and $$$$$$ and more. That’s the way it works for SAT-7, a ministry that Elaine and I invest in. We love what they do and how they do it. Picture what $1,000 can do in that region for souls who are desperate for good news of some kind. Any kind. See www.sat7usa.org/

And then there’s Every Home for Christ, where nationals go to every home in an area and share the Gospel. You can get a lot of bang for your buck there, too. It doesn’t take a lot of $$ to make an impact on someone’s life. Even an eternal impact. Elaine and I love them, too. See www.ehc.org

Investing in the extension of God’s Kingdom, as a partner with God Himself, brings unmatchable satisfaction. Its reward is both now and forever.

There is no shortage of money in the Church to complete the task of Bible translation and to evangelize the world, there’s only a shortage of willingness to give. Certainly, one must hold resources for business growth and so forth, but wow – – the huge sums that Christians spend on toys and comforts and second and third this, and more and bigger that, and faster of the other thing! Phew – it makes your head spin! And it’s never enough.

These are days of unusual need, opportunity, and available resources. God is serious about this. He is on the move and is inviting us to partner with Him.

What is in our hands that we could sell in order to generate funds to help extend the Kingdom of God while there is still time? Land, houses, gold, jewelry, vehicles, big boy’s toys, businesses, a collection? There are many trustworthy ministries who represent God well and they need our help. I’d be happy to tell you about more of them.


Ken Stoltzfus, Kidron, OH
Aug. 21, 2020
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