#4 – Opportunity Knocks

A Christian sister in another state recently wrote: “Our prayer request is for wisdom and God’s leading, as we have a quickly increasing opportunity to speak God’s love and truth into the lives of the many people around us. We haven’t ever had this many opportunities and open doors for conversations before but this is a unique time in our lives and those around us.”

She continued: “For instance, a friend in our neighborhood (she’s a New Ager) came to my door with  questions about how to speak to a friend suffering from mental health issues; another neighbor/friend who separated from her husband due to abuse issues is extremely fearful because when it’s her husband to care for the children, he passes them around the neighborhood for childcare instead of isolating them (but the legal system here can’t deal with this now); She stood in our driveway and poured out her heart to my husband and I.”

“A friend in our Sunday School class is melting down because she and her husband are laid off and at home with autistic adopted children (and no community service support). The husband of my best friend in the neighborhood is a correctional officer in the state prison and at any time, he could be quarantined within the prison and not come home for 14 days.”

“I know that we aren’t the answer to the world’s problems but it is so critical that we are Spirit led in all our responses in a way that offers Christ’s hope and love, and personally, I feel very inadequate for the job.”

Wow – that’s real-life stuff! I know this sister to be one who has been through deep waters and the refining fire and has found God faithful. Is it any wonder then, that people who are enshrouded in darkness would see that light? She represents what Jesus speaks of in Mt. 5:14-16, which takes us back to Isaiah 60:1-3, one of my favorite scriptures.

No preaching. No churchy lingo. No memorized formulas. No “correct doctrine.” Just humble testimony of what it means to walk with Jesus in times like these, and an invitation for them to join you. And it’s a good scenario for the witness of John 13:34-35!

Your thoughts for our sister, or others? What is God saying to you in this time?

Ken Stoltzfus, Kidron, OH
June 16, 2020

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