#9 – A Chosen Race — so that – –

so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him
who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

CLAC #6 – A series on Christians Living Amidst Chaos

It’s easy for God’s people to forget Whose we are. Israel had that problem too. They turned to Him in troubled times but quickly ignored Him when things were hunky-dory.

Well, things are not hunky-dory today and many Americans are emotionally disheveled. Now what?

Sincere Christians are some of the most vulnerable because we really do want to do the right thing, which can lead to popular, seemingly good responses that fall short of our calling. The Life that Jesus offers is the only solution for broken humanity and we are to be the bearers of that Good News.

Many of us feel some guilt re current issues, at least I do, and that can lead us astray too. Will we respond as God’s people so that the “so that” of I Peter 2:9 can follow?

The potentially divisive differences among us are increasing, and their capacity to destroy what have seemed to be solid relationships is to be taken seriously. Is expressing godly love and acceptance to all a safe place to start?

One problem with doing things God’s way is that it feels costly. Because it is. We essentially give up our right to ourselves so that we can serve Him and those who need Him. It requires deeper soul-searching, and more humble confession and repentance then we like. The transformation of attitudes and preconceived notions can be painful.

So, in today’s chaos, what of the person of another faith, culture, color, language, economic status, or persuasion on some topic? God’s authentic Presence in us will show on our faces, and in our body language, words, generosity and acts of kindness. It will impact our neighbor or family member. And the stranger on the street, at Walmart or in the restaurant. It’s also the most fulfilling way to live.

Our world needs that, and to this we are called. And sent. We are the sheep among wolves (Jesus’ words) of Luke 10:2-3and it is revolutionary. As was He.

Ken Stoltzfus, Kidron, OH   ken@10minas.net
July 4, 2020

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