#62 – Who Are We? – 3

So, who are we? Well, like Israel among the heathen nations under the Old Covenant,* we are a set-apart, holy nation. That defines us individually and collectively and some aspects are more appealing than others.

To start with, do you remember “God’s special possession” in yesterday’s text?

What does it mean to possess something? Maybe tools, or a car, pet or family piece? In law, possession is “the ownership, control, or occupancy of a thing.” (freedictionary) We are God’s possession.

Being brutally honest, I suspect that God needs to peel off another layer if you quickly say, “Oh, I’m good with that.” Personal freedom and independence are big issues for us and we like to think we can rule ourselves. God will go deeper and deeper, and we’re probably not a growing Christian if we’re not aware of any area where He is calling us to greater obedience.

Don’t some of Jesus’ words (love, give, sell, forgive, serve, leave, take up, die) seem out of touch with reality, and obstacles to enjoying life and pursuing our personal ambitions?  

How does His possessing us fit into our sense of who we are? How does it affect our affections, meaning whatever we wrap our arms around and hold close to make us feel more secure? Like people or power or position or – – “our” possessions?

“Mine” might be one of the first words a child learns, after “no,” but it’s also one of the first that we need to unlearn as followers of Jesus. Because I am His, nothing is “mine.”

This reality takes us in several directions which we’ll consider one at a time, but don’t ever forget that acting upon this costly truth opens the door (the narrow gate) to the riches of the Kingdom of Heaven, and it’s a choice we make.

More soon but probably not tomorrow.

*Not to diminish their present and future role in God’s plans.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, OH USA
April 15, 2021
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