#6 – Voices from the Past – Grandmom

I’ve read several current books recently, some of which God used to comfort and instruct me regarding the loss of a second son in January ’19.

Grandmom Stoltzfus as a young woman

But I’ve also been reading those by saints of old including Oswald Chambers, Watchman Nee and others. Their focus on humility; taking up our cross daily to follow Jesus; and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, brings a slant that few dare to advance these days. And then there’s Grandmom, who could write of that even without using those words.

Rachel Yost Stoltzfus, 1888-1966, was Father’s mother. My two older siblings and I spent a lot of time with Grandmom and Grandpop at their place in Cochranville, PA, in the 1940’s to early 1950’s.

My twin Karl, me, big sister Ruth Ann and Buddy, at Grandmom & Grandpops farm in Cochranville, PA, about 1943

I remember Grandmom as a kind person, but I never realized how vibrant a walk she had with God until I read this poem that big sis Ruth Ann sent me recently. It is undated, but Grandmom wrote from the mid-1930’s through 1963.



            Its alright when friends mistake us
            When they do not understand
            Oh, how sweet to know all’s guided
            By our heavenly Father’s hand

            “Its alright”  How oft I’ve heard it
            God has all my sins forgiven
            Jesus died for all my vileness
            And He made a way to Heaven.

            Its alright, I’ve peace thats perfect
            I’ve a joy no tongue can tell,
            I’ve the very love of Jesus,
            And His very life as well.

            Its alright, yes He is living
            I am conqueror in His might
            Self has found its grave in Jesus
            And I know it is alright.

            So we come to know Him better
            As we come to trust Him quite
            When in praise and peaceful patience
            We can say “Yes Lord-alright.

“Self has found its grave in Jesus,” is deep. These are the words of a conservative, serious, quiet woman of little education and modest means. One who had suffered loss in her life but had found a place to plant her feet. Maybe they’re good words in this Day for us more modern, and supposedly more sophisticated folk.

I highly suspect that even today there are many similar women whose walk with God is much richer than we know. Quiet. Deep. Kind. Loving and serving without complaint. And possessing the wisdom of life in a way that many of the younger, better educated and flashier gals would do well to emulate.

Ken Stoltzfus, Kidron, OH
June 22, 2020

PS – Photo at top is Grandmom, with Grandpop, Elam M. Stoltzfus and their family in about 1932. My father, the late Chris D. Stoltzfus, is standing at the back.

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