#56 – Does Perspective Matter?

I view “today” from the perspective that a God-hating and righteousness-hating spirit is increasingly informing our leaders and shaping our land. That the spirit of the antichrist is already here, as John wrote,* is confirmed daily.

God is warning the Church through many voices, and any humble and wise observer of our moral, political and financial status will take heed. Declaring Biblical morality, and the exclusiveness of Jesus as the door into heaven, will soon be criminalized as hate-speech.

Our local churches will then have to decide if they will compromise in order to preserve the institution and stay in business – – or declare truth. We could continue to preach much of our doctrine, and use legalism, doctrinal correctness, fear and leadership authority to try to keep the flock in line, but we could not proclaim Christ.

My perspective says that it is time to reshape how we do church so we can survive and thrive in the coming Day. We will reconsider and probably abandon major building plans because we won’t be able to use them for very long if we remain faithful to Christ. Things are very different than they were just a few year ago.

Preachers can declare the soon return of Christ but it is two-faced unless they then modify how they lead the church, and call the flock to radical changes in values and lifestyle.

Life-insight says that the more vested we are in buildings and in our present model of doing church, the more we will be tempted to compromise in order to preserve them.

Further, that if we can’t see trouble coming, we won’t know it when it’s here and will slide into compromise without knowing it. Forgive me, but I predict that many will end up there if they don’t soon change course.

$1,000,000 will fund proclaiming the Gospel to 1,000,000 people in “closed” Middle-Eastern countries by satellite, 24/7, for a whole year, and discipling those who respond. Or fund the translation of the scriptures into MANY languages. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Does perspective matter?

*I John 4:3

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, OH USA
April 5, 2021
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  1. Leigh on April 6, 2021 at 5:24 pm

    $1,000,000 can feed a lot of hungry people, clothe many naked children in Uganda, and pay for education…with a lot left over for the gospel! <3

    • 10Minas Blog on April 6, 2021 at 7:46 pm

      I agree, and those actually are ways of spreading the Gospel. Each of us must hear God about the particular ways that He would invite us to partner with Him. My wife Elaine an I have been passionate about Bible translation for about 55-years but also have a “top-7” list of ministries of various kinds that we like to support. May God bless you richly as you follow His call upon your life! Ken

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