#47 – Something Better, 6


Can you feel that compulsive “something” inside of you that begs for significance? For identity, purpose, and approval by others? Sure you can! That’s the human spirit, the part of you that God formed in His own image, and it is longing for the intimacy with Him that you were created for.

In the Garden
Adam and Eve had unhindered fellowship with God in the Garden of Eden. His Life flowed into their spirits and nurtured their souls, that is, their minds, wills and emotions.

They were secure and complete in every way. They had life to the fullest and felt no need. Try to imagine that – – and try to believe that this is, to a significant degree, God’s intention for us today!

This communion with God is an essential ingredient of human wholeness just as grapes are essential to grape juice. Without grapes, juice cannot be grape juice. Without fellowship with God, man cannot be fully man. He made it so!

After the Apple
When sin came into the world, Adam and Eve’s communion with God was severed and they lost their source of Life. Their identity and sense of significance were gone! Emptiness was formed in their soul – a void that demanded to be filled.

God designed us such that our wholeness must come from a spirit source greater than and outside of ourselves. There is no such thing as “self-fulfillment” if those words mean fulfilling our soul hunger from within ourselves. And obviously there are two spirit sources, God and Satan.

Man now became insecure, possessive and greedy in an attempt to fill that void. Our frantic attempts to accumulate earthly things, or to be approved by others, for example, reveals our emptiness – – but God had plans for something better!

More tomorrow!

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, OH USA
March 19, 2021

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