#262 – Truth and Lies

There is something disquieting about Truth. That is, about what God preordained as “the way things are” in every aspect of life in every time, place, culture, and circumstance. And despite our sophisticated and deeply held but contrary opinions that we so readily form our lives around.

So there you were, just peacefully cruising along enjoying the freedoms and opportunities of the American Dream, loving what your lost neighbors love and finding your identity and security in things of the earth just like your good Christian friends do (all consistent with the rules and culture of your church, by the way) – – and BAM, some annoying guy comes along and says that’s not what Jesus says it means to follow Him.

He says that it’s institutional religion and that there’s a lot of modern day Phariseeism going on, and that from the top down in the church we bless each other in doing it so that none of us makes the other uncomfortable. In fact, he describes it as a conspiracy against God and worse yet that it is influenced by His arch-rival the devil.

He appeals to you with the example and the words of Jesus – example and words that touch something inside of you because they are Truth.

Truth is embedded with “weight” that presses upon a “something” inside of us in a nagging sort of way that is hard to describe and is unsettling. Something that is just “there” because it is the part of us that is made in God’s image and it recognizes His voice, yet we were formed with a will and we can choose to refuse it or to at least push it into a corner where it is out of view for the moment.

Truth and lies began in the Garden. They each represent their spirit source and they are polar opposites and mortal enemies. It is true that we often somehow think that we can be friends to both, and that’s a lie.

You might say that Truth is God’s opinion about anything, and when spoken it releases a disturbing aroma of finality about itself (II Cor. 2:14-17) because He gets the last word about everything. https://biblia.com/bible/esv/2-corinthians/2/14-17


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