#234 – It’s Time for an Uprising!

As is said, all that is needed for tyranny to succeed is for good men to remain silent.

The failure of the Christian church to pursue holiness, influence society and win the lost will continue as long as those who know there is something better, remain glued to their pews by the pressures of conforming to a worldly model of “church” that is enforced by the expectations of top-down institutional leaders who are committed to a form of unity that has little resemblance to that of John 15:1-11, and to a self-serving mission that has little to do with the Great Commission.*

A voice in the Body of Christ that calls for authentic godliness is silenced by those whose rule and power it is felt to threaten. (I didn’t learn that by reading a book.)

The “Day of Ease” for American Christians is drawing to a close and “church” as we know it will soon be gone. It is time to awaken the sleeping giant, the Church that Jesus had in mind.

It is time to form purpose-driven and relationally-based fellowships where multi-gifted followers of Jesus worship, learn, grow and serve together with the giftedness that emerges among them under His leadership. See “ICF, Intentional Christian Fellowship,” www.john2031.com/2020/icf/main.html

This, instead of depending on positional institutional leaders whose livelihood depends on our ongoing favor. We pay them, give them power and prestige, and they put us at ease in our worldliness.*

It is time for good men to rise up and answer the Father’s call to godly living and dedication to His mission. Spoiler alert – that requires entering His Kingdom through the narrow gate of Mt.7:13-14 followed by embracing the way of the cross of Luke 9:23-26. It also connects us with our Lord Jesus in unimaginably fulfilling ways even as it separates us from many whose approval we now cherish more than we cherish His. And the eternal reward is beyond description.

You know who you are because His calling is already within you. Stand up!

*I pray that your church is an exception, but don’t be quick to assume that.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
May 13, 2022   

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