#232 – The Choice is Ours, 4

Part 4 of 4, in Chap. 6 of FOR HIS GLORY

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A Key Word
“Repentance” means to change ones’ mind, resulting in decisively turning from one direction or course of action to another.

It speaks of the decision to confess our sins and our sinfulness, receiving Christ as Savior and Lord and being born again – but that is just the starting point.

We must have a lifelong disposition of turning more and more toward Christ as the Spirit calls us to obedience in one area of life after another. James, in writing to the Church, said “Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts” (James 4:8 niv). That speaks to us!

In Matt. 18:3 Jesus said, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” We must repent of trying to be our own god, and come to Him in the weakness and humility of a child.

I Wonder – –
How serious are we about choosing who we will serve? Moses challenged Israel to decide (Deut. 30:15-20), and we must take his words seriously for ourselves.

Do we sometimes act as though we can just motor along with the cruise set on “go to church, pay your tithe, be good, and avoid obvious evil,” and all is well?

How many “good Christians” would follow the crowds who turned away from Jesus after His strong words in John 6:52-66?  

Matt. 7:21-23 is sobering. I fear that many who look good in church but whose lives revealed a different choice than they had professed, will hear Jesus say, “I never knew you! Get away from me, you evildoers!” Yes, God has given us free will and we can choose, but He is sovereign and He alone determines the outcome of our choices.

Just as Joshua said to the Israelites, “Choose you this day whom you will serve – – but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:15) – so, we too, must choose.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
May 4, 2022  

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