#214 – A People for God, 2

Part 2 of Chap. 3 in FOR HIS GLORY

A Solution
So, God crafted Israel as His own people amidst all the other peoples.

They would be marked by His presence, favored by Him, and used by Him to show His glory to other nations.*

We know that the Church is now where God rules and His glory is to be displayed, but do we realize how it connects to His original intent for man, and to Israel and the Old Testament?

Do we see world and church history as one united story of God’s progressive revelation of Himself as He moves toward “full disclosure” in Christ (Heb. 1:3, John 14:19, II Cor. 4:4), through whom He redeemed all who would come to Him?

Church, THAT is our identity. It is who we are, whose we are and why we are.

It is comprehensive. It says everything about everything about us as individuals and together as the Body of Christ. It shapes how we handle adversity; how we use what we have and why we want more.

So, my American friends, does your personal identity come more from God and life with Him, or from being “American” with the freedoms, rights and opportunities that connotes?

And where do you and your local church find your faith identity? Is it as described above in being God’s special people, abiding in His Kingdom and declaring His Name, or in your belief system, facilities, or program?

*See Lev. 20:24-26 and Ezek. 36:22-23.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
April 2, 2022

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