#203 – The Intended Rhapsody*

THIS, is what FOR HIS GLORY is about!

As lions were made for the jungle, fish for the sea and birds for the air, so “man” was made for the Garden where he was a complete being through his Spirit-to-spirit communion with Creator God.

Our sin-cursed world is not what God had in mind for its highest form of life. It is the result of Satan’s dastardly act of temptation and man’s near-fatal choice that followed.

Most of God’s perfect creation, from the heavenlies to the ants, glorifies Him by default as it displays His spectacular creativity and power in the natural realm. But man, whom He dared to design in His own image, was empowered to glorify God in the spiritual realm by choosing Him over Satan in their competition for the affection of his heart.

The intended romance between God and man, each reveling in being a delight to the other, was to be like a rhapsody as they danced together in the sunrises, sunsets and storms of life. But then there was sin.

Since the fall of man and the subsequent work of Christ the Redeemer, it is in man choosing God and the transformed life He offers, that he can again be what He was created for. And it is there that God’s glory – His superiority – is displayed even more convincingly than in all the rest of creation combined.

FOR HIS GLORY intends to declare the richness of the Life that Jesus won for us in our restored intimacy with Creator God, even after we sold ourselves to Satan and sin and perverted everything we touched.

It will also expose how such Life can be thwarted by our corrupting the spiritual and relational Church through making it of man and institutional.

What flowers do by nature to glorify God, man must do by choice, and it is an option for all who have heard the Gospel.  

A Christians’ surrender to God’s rule, and to His purpose for us in a way that directs our life and sets us apart from others, is the confirmation, or contradiction, of our profession of being a Christ follower.

God’s original plan for man has not changed, but we have so succumbed to the deceptive normalcy of Satan’s world and of the lethargic church that we can hardly believe that life in The Kingdom of God is the Life that every human spirit longs for. IT IS, and to that we are invited, but it is as the hidden treasure and fine pearls of Matt. 13:44-46. 

*rhapsody, an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling. Oxford Languages

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Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
March 15, 2022

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