#201 – Update on Elaine. Sunday!

I have been off of social media and it’s time for an update.

Sunday was the first that we were able to “go to church” since early November, and it was wonderful. We thank God over and over.

It is uncomfortable for Elaine to sit long, so we went a bit late but in time for a good message, and then to Sunday School. It was sooo good to reconnect with friends. We went to our small group that afternoon and she was exhausted by evening.

She is sleeping better and is gaining ground in body, soul and spirit. Her decline was over about two years, and its logical that her healing is gradual as well. Seeing how far she has come in only three and a half months encourages us as we consider how much further she needs to go.

She is scheduled for an endoscopy this Thursday to see how the bleeding ulcer has healed, and then a CAT scan on Tuesday the 8th to see if there’s anything left of the tumor – and an oncologist follow-up on Thursday.

While my cooking and laundry expertise will never be up to Elaine’s by a long shot, its going reasonably well. I think we’re both a bit surprised, but thankfully she is now able to help some.

I am working full time on the book study “FOR HIS GLORY, An Invitation,” and am pleased with the progress. Granddaughter Tanya is my editor.

Lions were made for the jungle. Fish were made for the sea. Birds were made for the air. Man was made for Life in the Garden (THINK about that) – and after he sinned and was kicked out, God took 4000 years to set up a new spiritual place for him called “The Kingdom of God.”

He does thing right. It’s more like the Garden than we dare to believe, and it’s there for all who hear the Gospel and choose God’s way. Please pray for me as I seek His mind in this.

Thank you so very much for your continued love and prayers for Elaine. She is a gem, and she deserves more than I’ll ever be able to give her.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
March 1, 2022

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