#199B – An Unretractable Blunder

I tried going to bed late last night after posting #199 here and then on Facebook, but it didn’t work very well. There was just something about the post that wasn’t right.

I got up, fired up my computer, revised it a bit on Facebook, shut my computer down again and went back to bed. Still no sleep, so I got up, fired it up again, deleted it there, went back to bed, and sleep came. Elaine groggily asked me what I was doing but I figured I’d wait until this morning to try to explain.

However, it was already sent to you and was thus unretractable. I have now deleted it on 10minas.net although you have the original email and I’m stuck with that.

I’ll stand with the points I was trying to make but it seems clear in my spirit that this wasn’t the time or the way to make them. There are actually two themes there and each clutters the other. Rereading it feels like getting a blast of humid hot air instead of the desired, gentle cool breeze.

Finally, it’s not in keeping with what God is prioritizing in my heart these days and I want to be faithful to that. Much of what I write comes out of my own journey.

So, please forgive my sloppy work there and pray for me as I attempt to fulfill God’s calling to encourage the saints in this Day. Thank you!

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
February 5, 2022
Email: ken@flyinghigher.net

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