#189 – Religious Fantasyland, Part 2

We have compromised ourselves by our love for the world, which includes love for “self,” which means self-rule instead of surrendering to the rule of Jesus. We disregard His explicit requirement that we take up our cross daily to follow Him.

We insult Jesus and do a great disservice to the Kingdom of God by declaring the standards and culture of our earth-based institutions, to be those of God.

We refuse to tell the truth that the narrow path and narrow gate of Mt. 7:13-14 are the only way into Abundant Life. We convince ourselves that a Big Mac with fries is real food.

We think we are worshipping God when we sing loudly (or quietly) in church even while finding much of our identity and sense of well-being in the world.

We think we are “spiritual” because we believe in the spiritual gifts of I Cor. 12 including healing, tongues, and prophecy. Or we think we are “spiritual” because we don’t.

We think we are honoring God when we give a tithe – – while reserving the right to spend 90% on ourselves.

We think we are doing well in the Kingdom of God because we are doing well in the world with our facilities, programs and technology.

We are oblivious to the implications of our Day, ignoring Jesus’ warnings about being alert in the Last Days and disparaging those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Covid has been no more effective in bringing us to our knees than frogs were to Pharaoh. What is next?

I am confident that 2022 will present multiple opportunities for us to turn more toward God, and I pray that we have the wisdom and humility to do so.

God is not mocked. Gal. 6:7-8 is still true and so are Jer. 3:13, Prov. 28:13 and I John 1:9.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
January 1, 2022

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