#185 – Immanuel – -, Update, Family Photos

“Immanuel, God with us” takes on special meaning in times of need. It gives us a place to stand under Son-lit skies even when life events attempt to throw clouds over us.

Jesus is our place of certainty amidst uncertainty that would otherwise overwhelm us. He heals our souls even as we wait for Him to heal our bodies.

We praise God that Elaine is finally regaining some of the weight she had lost, meaning that nutrition is getting into her body through her greatly increased blood supply! Its hard to describe the emotions of gratitude that well up within us and the hope it gives for her/our future.

Some nights are better than others and we’re praying for a pattern of good, healing sleep. Also, for her to regain strength and balance. And we continue to give thanks that she has not had reactions from the Rituxan infusion. Praise God!

Thanks for your faithful prayers. Immanuel hears, and we are in His  hands.

FAMILY PHOTOS (Click on numbers)
Our family was together recently and here’s a couple of photos you might enjoy.

185-1 – January 2 will mark Elaine’s and my 62nd anniversary. I am a blessed man!

185-2 – Our family less Brian & Sandi’s Isaak; Mark & Jodie’s Garrett; and Kahly’s husband Greg – – who couldn’t be there for various reasons.

185-3 – The 11 great-grandsons less two who were tired of all this picture-taking! Another little one is due in March but none of our kids have wanted to know the gender before they are born.

I hope that you’ve had a blessed Christmas season and pray God’s Presence as you move toward the New Year – – one that will certainly give God many opportunities to confirm the reality of “Immanuel, God with us” as we seek Him along the way.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
Dec. 25, 2021

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