#182 – Take Those Sneakers!

My younger sister Lin, from southeastern Pennsylvania, wrote this recently.


Good morning, brother!

As you and Elaine are working through her medical diagnosis, I thought you’d be encouraged by my recent lesson regarding God’s interest and care in even the smallest details of life. A few weeks ago we went on a three-day bus trip and the weather was to be chilly. I was glad to have two nice comfortable pair of boots for the trip, one of which came from the MCC Thrift store and the other almost free at the local consignment store.

As I finished packing the day before, I had this really serious thought to pack my sneakers that had specially made orthotics, and had wide toes, but I ignored the thought. The next morning, as I went to close the suitcase and put it in the car, I again got the message PUT YOUR SNEAKERS IN THE SUITCASE. I did.

Early the next morning in our hotel room, I stubbed my toe on a huge wooden chest at the foot of the bed as I tried to find my way to the bathroom in the dark. That day, that toe area became black and blue and was so sore that I couldn’t wear my boots without severe pain. But when I put on my sneakers with the wide toes and stable insert…my foot didn’t hurt at all. Had I not “listened,” my trip would have been ruined. 

And so, truly, even in the case of a banged-up toe and a bus tour, God is in the small things. He already knew that I was going to injure my foot, and he already had a plan in place to mediate that situation. He wanted me to be able to enjoy the trip and the time spent with his people etc. How involved he is, in our lives! WOW!

Blessings, Lin


She later wrote that God knows Elaine’s and my path ahead and already has good plans for us. We want to hear and follow Him!

Lin and her husband have chosen a modest and Jesus-focused lifestyle as an expression of following Him in this Day. Might that make it easier for her to hear God’s voice in the ordinary things of life?

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
Dec. 20, 2021           

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