#172 – The Hidden Person of the Heart

We are grateful beyond words that Elaine is stronger and can get up and move about without help. Very different from yesterday. Praise God!

We just got home from her doctor and are pleased. She does integrated medicine, listens carefully, and will start on boosting Elaine’s adrenal system. She ordered extensive blood work to check on sources/deficiencies that contribute to weakness. We will stay with her care for now.

I am touched by the many expressions of love for Elaine and for the way you have stood with us in prayer, encouragement and generosity. Its no mystery to me why she is loved as she is.

Much of ones’ life expresses what is hidden in our hearts. It is deep within and is foundational to who we are and how we relate to others, producing pleasure or pain in them.

I love I Peter 3:4 and have long known that it describes Elaine. It is why she can live well with me and be a vital support in the various places we’ve gone and things we’ve done even when it meant walking together into the unknown. Her trust in God empowers her to trust me as we process things together.

Peter wrote: “but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.” (ESV)

Elaine’s life testifies to a heart ruled by Jesus, and it is attractive to those who also humbly love and serve Him. Such a heart finds security of personhood in Christ. It doesn’t need acclaim. It is an uncomplaining heart that loves and gives, and quietly endures when necessary.

Younger women, many of whom have a more public presence than Elaine does, could learn much from her example. I have, at times, asked God to make me more like her.

Let’s continue to pray for Elaine’s total healing and return to serving others as she so delights in – – even if she is 80. In the meantime, it is no burden to serve her in ways I hadn’t previously imagined.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
Nov. 17, 2021 

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