#164 – The True Church, 3

My sense is that we ought to rethink how we can go about being the church.

Our little Sunday evening group wouldn’t be meeting because some were away, and I was wondering what we’d do for fellowship last weekend. Sure enough, on Thursday a friend texted wondering if we’d come for supper Saturday. What a question!

We joined this young couple and their little tribe and enjoyed smoked pork chops and veggies, plus apple crisp and ice cream. Incredible food and fellowship including interaction with their cool kids.

Then the dad asked if we could do communion. There were no church officials there, so what would YOU say?

Of course we did – – WE are the Church. I explained the symbolism of the bread and the wine, “blessed” them, and we partook. All of us. And we sang “Nothing but the Blood.”

Then, before the kids went into another room I told them a story of God’s faithfulness to Elaine and me as we followed Him in daring ways. They need to hear things like that. 

We adults talked about pork chop rub, buying pickups, health issues, savings accounts, church belief systems, how God leads, home groups, sorrow in the death of loved ones, the seasons of life and more.

It was past bedtime when the kids rejoined us, and we held hands as I prayed a blessing over their family.

Sunday morning then, we slept in; had Elaine’s baked oatmeal; enjoyed a good prayer time together; and joined a wonderful, live online service. http://www.freshlife.church/

The rest of Sunday included a lot of rest. Is that Biblical? Oh, and I called and encouraged a lonely and hurting brother who has a serious cold and texted an alienated brother about doing breakfast some morning. After a nice salad for supper, we worshiped with Lauren Daigle and others on YouTube, and read.

This week we’ll have several intentional, and probably some unplanned “in Jesus’ Name” engagements – – and then it’ll be “weekend” again.

Can we be part of the true church in this way? Or not?

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
Nov. 1, 2021                            

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