#161 – We The Church, 10


Yes, Jesus IS building His Church as He said He would, but many can’t see it. They’re too fixated on their worldly lifestyle and on the church as they have known it.

They are not alert to what is happening in the two spirit realms, that is, that God is turning up His Light as He allows Satan to deepen his darkness. They are oblivious to that and to how it connects to the Last Days.

They have little anticipation of our Lord’s return, or sense of urgency in spreading the Gospel in the remaining time. In short, they are earthly minded, as is the institution that defines “church” for them. An encounter yesterday drove that point home to me again.

The Mt. 16:18 Church is precisely the opposite, and only its members comprise the Church that Jesus is building. Please convince me otherwise.

As you know, deceit is Satan’s main weapon. Much of the organized church has fallen under his deception and to a large degree he HAS prevailed against it.

The genuine Body of Christ will be revealed in the soon-coming Hebrews 12:24-29 shaking and Matthew 25:31-46 sorting out of the Last Days.

Many recognize that something big is on the horizon, and sense God’s call to get serious about their faith. Some will put Him off, but the prayers and witness of others will lead to revival in their local church. Pray for your church and its leaders.

Those who try to join what God is doing, while staying in their unrepentant church, are at risk. The deceptive spirit is powerful. Most who want to nourish their growing faith and allegiance to God will humbly but boldly step out and find fellowship among like-minded believers.

God will lead each saint personally. He will move many toward a house church or other form of Heb. 10:24-25 assembly, sometimes quite informal.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
Oct. 28, 2021                                     

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