#118 – The Rest of the Story, 2

We Christians are severely handicapped by an impoverished view of the Kingdom of God, and our inability to distinguish between the Church that Jesus is building and the organized “church” that we know.

We act as though Jesus paid just enough for us to get into heaven when we die and to avoid the really bad sins in the meantime. We know little of the glory of the Church that Jesus is building; of Zoe-Life in the Kingdom of God; or of how badly He wants to open the heavens and pour out blessing. We have an earthly view of a heavenly Kingdom – – and then we wonder why the lost don’t want to be like us!

Rest is also spoken of in Hebrews. Israel was a nation on the earth and they failed to find their place of “rest” in Canaan. We are a holy nation whose promised land is the spiritual Kingdom of God in its present form as the Mt. 16:18 Church and then heaven forever. As Israel failed to enter the “rest” of the physical Promised Land because of unbelief and disobedience, so we fail to enter the “rest” that Jesus offers. Strong words, but His words!

More to come – – hopefully soon! In the meantime PLEASE read Heb. 3:5 – 4:16 up to 4:11, pause to ponder, and then read the rest. CLICK on https://biblia.com/bible/nasb95/hebrews-3-5–4-16. Do it several times, praying as you do, and watch what happens.

“God be with you.”

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, Ohio USA
August 6, 2021

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