#11 – Unmasking

Have you felt the discomfort and the avoidance of eye contact when maskers and non-maskers meet? Sure you have! Don’t you feel kinship with those like you and un-social-distancing from “them?”

Well, we haven’t seen anything yet. Wait ‘til “the vaccine” and the chip are the projected solutions to the pandemic, and those who accept both and insist that others should too, meet the anti-vaxxers and never-a-chip-ers. Whoa baby, guns will be drawn!

Any of the above could be acting out of supposed informed choice, or from ignorance, unthinking submissiveness or belligerent non-conformity. I am amazed at the depth of our polar-opposite opinions.

Many try to mask these differences because it’s the “Christian” thing to do. I won’t voice an opinion on Covid-19 masks but I say with certainty that this kind of masking won’t work. Religious idealism can’t fix it, and even the preachers’ plea to “love one another” won’t, especially if this is just the beginning of the playoffs. Nor will it work to take our masks off and show our true feelings.

Nothing dark that is happening today is what “they” say it is. Instead, it reveals the battle in the heavenlies that is being waged on the earth. It is profoundly spirit in nature but Satan masks it by arousing our earthly instincts and sidetracking us. We need to rip that mask off.

The only silver bullet that can shoot holes in the inflated opinions that divide us, is found in I John 1:7. That is, when I walk in the Light with God, and you walk in the Light with Him, we are united with each other because of our shared union with Him. It’s a golden triangle. That is the Church that Jesus spoke of in Mt. 16:16-18. United in Him we can face a dark world together. No Lone Rangers.

That connects us to the Abundant Life of John 10:10 and the Peace of John 16:33, and it disarms the issues that steal our joy and create relational distancing.

Problem is, it requires repentance that disconnects us from our love for the world and the things of the world including our love for our unregenerate “self” which militates against God’s rule over us. It implies the path that is entered through the narrow gate of Mt. 7:13-14 – – where many still do a U-turn like the dude in Mt. 19:16-22.

What will it take, for us to invite God to begin to gently expose our spiritual superficiality and remove our religious masks?

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Ken Stoltzfus, Kidron, OH     ken@10minas.net
July 17, 2020
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  1. Josiah Martin on July 24, 2020 at 1:57 pm

    This was a great one ken!

  2. 10Minas Blog on July 24, 2020 at 2:01 pm

    A hard saying.

  3. 10Minas Blog on July 24, 2020 at 2:01 pm

    The unmasking has definitely begun!

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