#100 – To My Friends Beyond America’s Borders

This is for all, but especially for my friends in distant places. Many have become Facebook Friends or have Followed my posts since I last reminded you of free resources on my web site, at www.john2031.com/site_map_inspiration.html.

Most documents are available as a printable pdf, a WORD document, and an html, and you may download, print, translate or revise them free and without further permission.

The MORE LIKE JESUS workbook is a 12-lesson study to help you understand the importance of spiritual growth and to help you grow. Written while living in Kenya, it is based on II Cor. 3:18. See www.john2031.com/books/mlj/main.html

The word “transformed” there is the Greek metamorphoó from which we get the English “metamorphosis,” which describes the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. That truth shapes my own life and has been the driving force behind the pastoral, teaching and writing ministry that I have done for nearly 50-years. I continue to be passionate about it and pray that you are too!

THE TRUE WORSHIPERS, www.john2031.com/ttw/main.html, is based on John 4:23-24 and is crucial to godly living. It discusses the meaning of worship and how it fits into the human experience and our walk with God. You’ll enjoy it a lot.

THE ELDERS is a study on church leadership. It is taken from I Peter 5:1-5 and was also written for use in Kenya. See www.john2031.com/books/the_elders/main.html

There are several more books and dozens of articles there to serve you in your Christian life and your service to others. Use them as you wish but please share them generously with others.

If you like airplanes and airplane photos, you can find enough Alaskan bush planes, floatplanes, antiques, DC-3’s and more to occupy you for a long time. See the Aviation Site Map and Flying Story links on the home page, www.john2031.com.

Ken Stoltzfus
Kidron, OH USA
June 20, 2021
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